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Foam in Place Packaging

Those who already use foam in place packaging systems know that these tools are an incredible way to protect all kinds of products.If youre just starting your research and are considering one of these convenient systems for your business, you may not yet know all of the many benefits of foam in place, but youll soon be convinced. Foam in place packaging is simple, affordable,and easy to use, while still offering customized in-box protection to just about anything you can imagine.There are four key elements toourfoam in placepackagingsystemsthat all current and future operators will benefit from knowing and understanding. Those elements are telemetry, bar coding, equipment design, andour focus on you, the customer.

intellipack foam in place machineBefore We Begin

Beforediving into the four key elements of foam in place packaging systems, we should first understand how they actually work. If youre a seasoned veteran, you can probably skip ahead to the next section, but those who are unsure should stick around. These packaging tools work ina pretty straightforward manner.Two chemicals are injected (in a liquid form) into a single poly bag, in which they will react to one another by creating a foam. The poly bag is already positioned around the item inside its box and the foam then expands throughout the bag where it will solidify further. In doing so, this creates a custom void fill that takes up the space between your product and its container, preventingdamage from transit hazards like bumps, shakes, vibrations, and worse.

Element #1: Telemetry

Telemetry is defined asaprocess that records and sends a certain instruments data or resultsto the user.When it comes to foam in place, telemetry adds an exciting element to enhance your packaging experience. In addition to all of the protection and safeguarding these systems give you, the devices we offeruse telemetry in order to automatically orderyour foam materials andrequestpreventative maintenance at all hours of the day. This means you get more efficiency and wont have to deal with order delays or production slowdowns because your raw material didnt arrive in time.Because the system records its own operation capabilities, including material use and settings, it can automatically reach out to service technicians when something goes wrong.

Element #2:CustomizedBar Coding

Telemetry isnt the only intelligent feature of our foam in place packaging systems. Another element that you should know about is customized bar coding. Our systems are able to scan bar codes on each of your products in order to provide the correct amount of liquid chemicals and the right sized poly bag each time you use it no matter how many different items you package. Every product you have will be given a unique bar code that is scanned by the foam in place system. After the scan, the system dispenses exactly as much material as needed, no more and no less. This allows you to minimize waste and keeps your packaging line moving efficiently and effectively.

Element #3: Equipment Design

Remember how we said that foam in place packaging is easy to use? Well, we werent kidding.Allofour foamin placesystems arespecially designed with the user in mind. They are simple to programand utilizeergonomic,hand-held devices to ease anyones ability to operate them. On top of this,each system is equipped with updated software and lightweight, durable components.

Element #4:Our Focus on Youfoam in place void fill inside box protecting electronic item

The fourth element of our foam in place packaging systems is one you wont find everywhere else. Our team prides itself on providing the very best service to you and your business.We strive to offer fast turnaround on your orders and requests so that you can minimize your downtime while improving your productivity and bottom line at the same time.We treat every customer like a member of our team and understand that your packaging line is essential to keeping your product moving out the door to your own clients.

Foam in Place in Your Business

Even just one of these four elements would set our foam in place packaging systems apart from the rest, but when you put them all together you get a truly special piece of equipment. To get started on adding your ownfoam in place packagingsystem to your business, give us a call today at 888-989-0946 or simplyfill out the form on our contact page.

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