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For a unique, customized void fill, look no further than foam in place packaging. This versatile tool gives a molded cushion to your products in order to provide the ultimate protection. The process to create foam in place packaging is simple two liquid chemicals are injected into a high-density polyethylene bag. Once inside this bag, the chemicals react to one another to create a foam that expands around yourspecific item, creating a custom void fill between your container and the item that it holds.

Why Should You Use Foam in Place Protective Packaging?

  • Youll get thehighest available degree of product protection
  • Your teams productivity will improve
  • Your damage expenses will decrease
  • Youll get more warehouse space, as foam in placesystems donttake up very much room
  • Your customers confidence in your packaging willsoar

Make Your Packaging Process Safer and Easier

Foam in place systems make your packaging and shipping process more efficient and safer for everyone involved.Thats because the most time-sensitive and affordable foam in place technologies are manufactured with you in mind. They simplify your process to save you money and boost productivity. Our foam in place systems offer numerous advantages all around. They help you manage your consumable costs, reduce the downtime that comes as a result of equipment breakdowns, operate quickly, offer premium user-friendlinesstoall ofyour employees, and use brand-new technology at a price that wont break the bank.

Using Telemetry to Protect Your Shipments

Just like your car tells you when you need an oil change or if its time to check the engine,our foam in place equipment can tell you important and necessary information about your packaging systems.Using telemetry, our machines will collect, monitor, and measure critical knowledgeregarding detailslike material use, temperature, pressure, and more.Thismeans that every time you turn your equipment on, it will always be up to date on how you specifically use it foratruly customized packaging automationexperience. Should any problems arise, the machine can send back detailed reports to the provider and service team, who can thendispatcha technician to quickly resolve any issues. Telemetrymeans that your equipment is tailored to your specific needs. Its an incrediblyhandy way to maximize your productivity, stay on top of anymachineproblems,optimize performance,and reduce or eliminate downtime.

Foam in Place Systems for Multiple Products

We understand that many operations sell more than one item, and that frequently these goods come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To accommodate these products, there is an available smart barcoding feature on our foam in place machines.Instead of you guessing at how much foam youll need or which poly bag to use, this feature is programmed to read a unique barcode for each individual product in order to dispense the exact amount of foam and film material required for the item.This automatic process is simple andstraightforward, andprotects your bottom line as much as it protects your valuable goods.

Designed with You in Mind

We get it. Machines breakdown, leading to downtime and decreased productivity. This causes a big hassle and unnecessary expenditure for your business. Unfortunately, after youve used a machine for long enough, repairs and replacements are a fact of life. Just like your car, maintenance must be performed, especially as it grows older. However, unlike many other packaging automation equipment,parts replacements on our foam in place machines take only a few minutes, rather than a few hours.

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